Cliona & Paul


I had the very lovely honour of designing Cliona and Paul's wedding invites. I created a set of acrylic stamps for them to customise every paper-related aspect of their wedding. Hard work but everything had a nice, hand-applied feel to it. It was one of best weddings I've been to; a supercool gospel choir, lovely folks at our table, tear-inducing heart-felt speeches, a gorgeous setting and a great atmosphere. And they also happen to be some of the most talented people I know. Good luck for the future you two!

Street Feast

street_feast_heather_sloane3.jpg Street Feast is a brilliant concept. It’s one day in the year where neighbourhoods across Ireland host a lunch in their streets, local parks or front gardens. It’s a great excuse to share good food and meet interesting people who live nearby.


Samuel and the Street Feast team asked us to help them get the word out so I developed a friendly, illustrative look and feel, a custom typeface and a downloadable guide to running your own feast. If you’re in Ireland hop along to and join the party on the 18th July.


Handlettering for Pawsway

pawsway1.jpg I got contacted in January by Lowe Roche (a lovely Canadian design agency) to help them create some hand-lettered 6 sheet ads for the Pawsway center in Toronto.


I love hand-lettering illustration jobs and this was a great job to work on. I do get through a heck of a lot of paper and ink. I've been working with a brush I bought in NYC that uses regular ink cartridges. I'd be lost without it.


Sugru HACKquarium

We (Atto) hosted a sugru HACKquarium on Tuesday night at the Black Box and invited 40 chums to come and hack their old stuff better. We've been working with Jane (sugru inventor) for about 3 - 4 years now and we're totally in love with the product. They're the best people in the world to work with too. Long live sugru.

Hand Lettering

I got commissioned for a lovely job to create some custom hand lettering for cookie packaging for a big supermarket chain. I love these types of jobs. Unfortunately the client chose to go down the photographic route but I still like what I sent so here it is.




If you're a bit of word geek like me (I have a file for collecting good words - sad but true) then I hope you'll love Artwiculate. It's a twitter-based Word of the Day competition that helps clever people look clever and helps the rest of us learn new words.

Pete came up with the idea at the start of summer and we teamed up with coding ninja, Stuart to make it all work. It's early days yet, we just launched it this week but so far people seem be enjoying it. I love it when a good plan works out.

Follow @artwiculate on Twitter to play along and celebrate your inner word geek.


Dear-oh. So much has been happening I've neglected you, my dear bloggy friend of mine. I had the excuse that I was writing for another blog for a while so I didn't have time but that justification exists no longer. So there's a lot of catching up to do and much fun to be shared.
Here's some hollybob photos from our Grand European Road Trip. This has to be one of my most favourite hols ever and I get itchy feet when I think about it. We drove through the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and home again. Truly epic. I have discovered that I may secretly be Swiss, am so in love with those big sleeping, toblerone shaped giants that populate the land. The colours are so crisp and people are lovely.

We discovered that:

- People will trip over themselves to help you if you're Irish.
- German people are lovely and are great at being very helpful.
- Switzerland is terribly expensive but absolutely adorable.
- You should not try to drive through the Tour de France, despair and lostness will soon ensue.
- The south of France is a bit crap (sorry) but La Dordogne is a river lover's dream come true.
- Trying to speak different languages at every opportunity is scary but fun when people actually understand.


The Good Little Company

croc.jpg I'm so excited and and very proud to present the Good Little Company. We've been working with the lovely bunch at Finnebrogue over the past couple of years to create a new brand of super-sausages for families.

I could waffle all day about this but to cut a long story short, they're the best sausages you could buy (85% outdoor bred pork, no artificial nasty chemicals, gluten-free, the list goes on) AND we've worked out a great plan with Christian Aid so that every time you buy one pack of Good Little Sausages, someone in a country like Malawi gets a meal every day for 2 weeks.


We worked on every part of the brand which was so satisfying to create a really complete look and feel. The characters are actually a bit of a spin off from the Bark Nugget animals I used to draw in art college. I even got to produce an animation to show off Meal for a Meal. We're so chuffed, this is the best job we've got to work on in a long time and we get to make a bit of a difference in the actual real world!

Go look and join the Facebook group or follow the Twitter and the Good Little Company will donate a meal on your behalf. Even better - go buy the sausages in Tescos (they're great with mash and onion gravy).

Little skull dudes

Wow it's been a long time. In the gap we've been to Amsterdam, I'm finally facing my fears and learning to drive and I've gone sock monkey making mad. Here are some skully dudes that were the by product of a brand job I was working on recently.