The Good Little Company

croc.jpg I'm so excited and and very proud to present the Good Little Company. We've been working with the lovely bunch at Finnebrogue over the past couple of years to create a new brand of super-sausages for families.

I could waffle all day about this but to cut a long story short, they're the best sausages you could buy (85% outdoor bred pork, no artificial nasty chemicals, gluten-free, the list goes on) AND we've worked out a great plan with Christian Aid so that every time you buy one pack of Good Little Sausages, someone in a country like Malawi gets a meal every day for 2 weeks.


We worked on every part of the brand which was so satisfying to create a really complete look and feel. The characters are actually a bit of a spin off from the Bark Nugget animals I used to draw in art college. I even got to produce an animation to show off Meal for a Meal. We're so chuffed, this is the best job we've got to work on in a long time and we get to make a bit of a difference in the actual real world!

Go look and join the Facebook group or follow the Twitter and the Good Little Company will donate a meal on your behalf. Even better - go buy the sausages in Tescos (they're great with mash and onion gravy).