Sail (Illustration Friday)

This one's dedicated to my dear salty sea dog of a dad who could quite happily live on the sea and never touch land.
Completely off-topic, has anyone got any good tips for must-see things in New york? We're going on our jollies on the 23rd August and spending 4 days in New York and a fortnight or so with our lovely chums Shane and Alli in New Brunswick, Canada. I AM SO EXCITED.

Grow (Illustration Friday)


Things have been so busy the past couple of weeks I haven't had time to do my IF posts. I was so chuffed to get the Pick of the Week for Juggle though :)

This was a commission I did for a lovely chap whom I greatly admire. He helped me have confidence in my abilities and has done so much to help me realise the dream of creating the company I always wanted. He even became a client of ours which was the biggest seal of approval we could have. This illustration was a present to his expecting partner.

Wedding (Illustration Friday)

I think weddings are great, especially if they're your own. This was our wedding invite from one and a half years ago. I still love it because it brings back so many fond memories. We had so much fun designing our wedding. I used our pattern to paint huge banners to hang at the front of the church and we plastered the place with candles and lanterns. Everyone we knew helped us decorate the church the night before.peteandheatherwed.jpg


These are a couple of invites we've done for friends.



Karys and I did so much wedding stationary design for friends that one day we decided to go for it and form Henry Pancake.