Dear-oh. So much has been happening I've neglected you, my dear bloggy friend of mine. I had the excuse that I was writing for another blog for a while so I didn't have time but that justification exists no longer. So there's a lot of catching up to do and much fun to be shared.
Here's some hollybob photos from our Grand European Road Trip. This has to be one of my most favourite hols ever and I get itchy feet when I think about it. We drove through the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and home again. Truly epic. I have discovered that I may secretly be Swiss, am so in love with those big sleeping, toblerone shaped giants that populate the land. The colours are so crisp and people are lovely.

We discovered that:

- People will trip over themselves to help you if you're Irish.
- German people are lovely and are great at being very helpful.
- Switzerland is terribly expensive but absolutely adorable.
- You should not try to drive through the Tour de France, despair and lostness will soon ensue.
- The south of France is a bit crap (sorry) but La Dordogne is a river lover's dream come true.
- Trying to speak different languages at every opportunity is scary but fun when people actually understand.