Crescent Arts Auction

I was recently asked to take in an art auction alongside other local artists to raise funds for the Crescents Arts Centre. A place where I spent a lot of time learning how to draw. A bunch of art chums and I used to hop on the train after school, go to Botanic, eat cheesey chips in Maggie May's and then head to the Crescent for our life drawing classes. Fun times. Although bizarrely this seems to be frowned upon now.
I jumped at the chance to be a part of the Crescent's refurbishment. Until I got the sweats about the fact that this was an auction and there was a fair chance that my painting could be a complete flop alongside other proper artists. Yeeek!

I was so nervous during the bidding. Sweaty palms and everything. Thankfully my wee painting did well, and it raised a good few handy pounds for the mighty Crescent. I was so relieved. It was a big pride thing I know and I'm glad I made it with dignity intact and even a few proud pats on the back. Phew!

This was the official blurb btw "The painting tells a story about a melancholy character who is followed by a rain cloud. Despite the flourish of life he leaves in his wake, he can only see the desert in front of him"